Project Description

EVA surpasses widely the plastic materials used up to now, and modifying its density and hardness, it is an ideal material for various types of articles with numerous characteristics (fire resistant, impermeable, weatherability, impact and acoustic absorption, abrasion resistance, non-toxic, antibacterial, ecological etc.) and suited for EC-marking.
The possibilities for the use of EVA are innumerable and it can be used in various industrial branches, such as:
Security – EVA, fire-retardant and ecological, is suitable for accident prevention as well in schools as for streets and parks and gardens, as it combines functionality with a proper and pleasant appearance.
Nautical branch – constructions, floating and impact-proof
Construction – fire-retardant and impermeable realizations with acoustic absorption
Sanitary branch – The non-toxic, antibacterial and fire-retardant EVA is specially suitable for the use in sanitary environments, e.g. for footwear, sanitary devices in general, individual protections, devices for persons with handicap.
Food industry – EVA is non-toxic, antibacterial and suited for EC-marking and may be used for applications with food contact.
Swimming pools – accident-preventing breakwaters in various forms and colours, shoes for aquatic systems, floating belts, life-jackets, life-belts and devices for swimming pools generally.
Footwear – slippers, clogs, sandals, shoes in various types, forms and colours for hotels, sport shops and stores, shops and stores for footwear or for whom wants to produce a personalized line of articles.
Comfort – devices for comfort as headrests for whirlpools, wedges for gymnasiums and rehabilitation institutes, ergonomic headrests for dental or medical specialist’s surgeries, sauna cushions and tanning beds and W.C. seats.
Sport – From fire-retardant seats (with certificate) for stadiums, gymnasiums etc. to devices for fitness studios or parts of the real equipments.
Gadgets and toys – personalized gadgets for massive publicity purposes, toys for children and specific articles for toy producers.